Parcl Referral Program

Join Parcl's Referral Program to strengthen the community and earn points in more ways! By inviting others, you not only help grow Parcl V3's vibrant ecosystem but also enhance your own earning potential through trading and LP'ing activities.

Maximize Points

Earn a rewarding 10% of the points earned by each user you refer, amplifying your earning power on Parcl.

Retain Your Full Rewards

Rest assured, every point you earn stays yours, even as your activities contribute to the 10% bonus for the user who referred you.

Lifetime Boost for Referred Users

Get referred and enjoy a permanent 5% boost on your points, enhancing your rewards on Parcl forever.

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Create referral code.
Personalize your referral code; it will be unique to you and cannot be duplicated by anyone else.
Share your code with a friend.
Your friend will enter your referral code on their referral page to receive a boost.
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You earn points.
When each friend earns points, you’ll receive 10% of their earnings.
Entering a friend's code earns you a 5% points boost forever.
Get this boost on all of your trades, forever.
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