Perpetual Points ProgramGet prepared for future incentives by joining and participating in the perpetual points program.
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Get ahead of the crowd for the next token allocation.

For a limited time, join now to receive 10,000pts towards the next allocation, end of Q2 2024.
Get 10,000 perpetual points.Join the perpetual points program and earn 10,000 points that count towards the next allocation of $PRCL.
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Be the Bank

Depositing into LP Pool earns points based on the initial deposit amount.

/ dollar
 per day

Margin Collateral

USDC collateral sitting in all margin trading accounts.

/ dollar
 per day

Trader Fee Rebate

Earn points for each dollar in trading fees paid.

/ dollar
 fees paid

Negative Price Performance

For every dollar of Negative Price Performance P&L realized – excludes Funding Performance.

/ dollar

Liquidator Bonus

Earn 50k for each successful liquidation performed, excluding having your position liquidated. Enhance the Parcl ecosystem.

/ liquidation
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Refer Friends

Earn 10% of the points earned by each user you refer, amplifying your earning power on Parcl.

of each friend's points
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