Stake PRCLNewly staked tokens become eligible at the beginning of the next epoch.  (Epochs start every Thursday at 00:00 UTC).

Total Staked

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Unique Addresses

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Boosts & Rewards

Staked amount will determine Points Boosts and allocation tiers.

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PRCL Governance

Staked PRCL tokens enable you to participate in PRCL Governance.


Data Access

Get access to cutting edge real-estate data to inform your trades.


Next Epoch Starts In:

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PRCL Staking

Newly staked assets will be pledged but not active until the start of the next epoch.
Staked tokens will automatically carry over to next epoch.

Current staking rewards

Below are the bonuses associated with your stake within this epoch. Your values will be updated with a new or removed stake upon the next epoch.
Stake to ActivateAmount staked determines your allocation schedule. The more you stake the sooner you claim.
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Stake to ActivateWith your stake you are eligible for points boosts based on your stake amount and your TVL on Parcl. Max boost 250%.
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Stake to ActivateWith your stake you are able to vote in Parcl’s governance protocol.
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